Katana: Multi-Boot Security Suite

Katana is a framework for keeping all your favorite security tools with you at all times. It combines multiple live boot distributions and portable application on a single flash drive.

Katana includes tools designed for Penetration Testing, Password Cracking, Forensics, Network Monitoring, Auditing, Malware Analysis, System Security, and more. The list of distributions includes Kali, Ophcrack, CAINE, Ultimate Boot CD, along side portable Windows applications like NMAP, Caine and Able, Mimicatz, Wireshark, The Sleuth Kit, Tor, and more. Each of these has a unique focus relating to computer security.

Katana Bootable

Boot from your USB flash drive on almost any computer. Plug in the flash drive, reboot the computer, and select to boot from USB in your boot options or in the BIOS settings. Then choose from one of the many Live operating systems available in Katana. See the Bootable page in the documentation for more information.

Katana Tool Kit

In the root of the USB flash drive, run the KatanaToolKit application. This will launch the Katana Tool Kit menu selector. Choose from a wide variability of portable Windows applications in the Katana Tool Kit. See the Tool Kit page in the documentation for more information.


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Pre-Release at Hackers for Charity

Change Log

08-04-20164.0 "S@njur0")90db4526c59220915e75e81c7a09a252
07-26-20123.0 Beta 1/2 (DefCon Release)
3.0 Beta 2/2 (DefCon Release)
10-31-20102.0 ("y0j!mb0")d77f1fec607657b6d82264e8b5ca47a4
07-29-20102.0 Pre (DefCon Release)8d14d173bafe846e7f8360c2fd09d20d
02-10-20101.5 ("Z@toichi")3d80c9e6629462779822f11752868bbe
10-31-20091.0 ("Kyuz-0")df6738eec7dce3cbaf4dfab7cc691969
05-21-20091.0 Precdb4a3638a59fd020d64653aa5523a13


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JP Dunning (.ronin)
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