Adventures at CarolinaCon 2010


Shmooball Launcher

This was my first time at Carolina Con and I was happily surprised at the quality of talks for being one of the smaller Cons. Among my favorites were the The Evolution of Social Engineering by Chris Silvers & Dawn Perry and You Spent All That Money and You Still Got Owned by Joe McCray.

I decided to bring VERA-NG with me to the Con for fun and to do a little nibbling. After about 15 or 20 people approached me about this crazy cantenna nerf gun someone mentioned that maybe I should give a talk of the gun. I had made no submissions to present at the Con, nor did I have any slides set, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask and see if I might be able to give a "FireTalk" style presenation the next day. The guys from TOOOL were set up in a separate room and said they would let me use some of their space and projector the next day and the guys running CarolinaCon said it would be fine by them.

Shmooball Launcher

After a late night of scrambling to throw together some slides without the use of the Internet (say it ain't so) I was ready to present by 2:00 in the afternoon the next day. The presentation can be found here. The focus on of the presentation was on building and using VERA-NG. During the Con I ran a scan for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the main conference room used at the Con. I introduced a Bluetooth "Wall Of Sheep" of device I was able to pick up while the Con was on. During the Con I ran scans for Bluetooth devices with VERA-NG and was able to find around 120 access points and 30 different devices. Some of the Bluetooth devices actually gave up the device owner's names. In my slides I posted some of the devices I found on the "Wall of Sheep" and had several people in the audience who were brave enough confess that the devices belonged to them.

Shmooball Launcher

After the presentation I decided to do a little Bluetooth Nibbling in the local habitat. See the article on Mall Nibbling for more information. This particular adventure involved a laptop in the bag pointed to by the red arrow in the above image. Since I find that Apples provide the best information for War Nibbling I thought I would pay my respects by taking the picture outside the Apple Store. Moments after this picture was taken I was approached by a police officer who informed me that taking pictures in a mall is not allowed. Who knew ?!? I think this was more of a word of warning against any Mall Cops that might wander by and try to take my camera. The officer also took a brief glance in the bag I was carrying which I was clever enough to wrap in cloths (hint). We then continued on our way, Nibbling and all, collecting about 250 devices information for use with SpoofTooph.